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In a new six-part video series produced by Medical Economics Pulse, three Specialdocs concierge physicians discuss numerous issues regarding their concierge practice. In part three of the series, the physicians talk about how their concierge practice weathered the COVID-19 pandemic and how they managed to keep their practice thriving.

Denise Armellini, MD, a concierge Endocrinologist in Fairfax, Virginia said, “A lot of smaller practices were shutting down. My transition during COVID-19 was excellent. My practice hasn’t suffered and the number of my patients has increased because I feel there’s a need for patients to be heard. Doctor’s are overworked and there’s not a lot of time to listen to all the patient’s concerns.” She goes on to say that the little personal touch of calling her patients back from time she gained using the concierge model is what made more patients join her thriving practice. While so many other practices withered away, her concierge practice had the time to care for her patients in a way a regular medical practice could not.

Jeffrey Weinberger, MD, a concierge Internal Medicine physician in Greenwich, Connecticut says, “Because we’re in a health care crisis that’s taking center stage, fear is also center stage. The greatest role a doctor has is taking drama and fear away from their patient. Having a smaller practice, having time, has been sacred.” He goes on to say that he’s never been busier. He’s been reaching out to his patient every two weeks, talking about what’s new with COVID and what’s new with the vaccine. Patients want that reassurance to know that during these uncertain times, there’s always a doctor there to support and inform them. Dr. Weinberger says that “part of what a doctor should be is educating people. That takes time.” The concierge model provides that time to be able to spend with his patients and alleviate any concerns or issues they may have.

George Zenner III, MD, a concierge Family Medicine physician in Houston, Texas said that “the best part of being concierge during this time was the fact that I had the time. I had a lot of patients with COVID and they we’re all terrified. They can’t go anywhere. They can’t see anybody. I was able to call them everyday and check in on them.” This personal type of care is what sets concierge medicine apart. He goes on to say, “I don’t know how I could of done it in my old practice, there’s just no way I could of managed.” A concierge practice provides that sense of security and stability a regular practice just doesn’t.

Specialdocs helps physicians manage their time and to reach out to their patients during these unprecedented times. Spending time with one’s patient is one of the biggest benefits when considering a concierge practice.  Watch part three of this series and learn how these doctors handled COVID-19 and how their practices thrived.